Thursday, June 29, 2006

YAY or NAY!!

OK now check this out.I know that I usually post poetry on here with a few of my rants mixed in, well this is neither. I am asking yet another question.

This weekend I was supposed to be going to Canada with my friends(and for those of you out there I am the CEO I truly dont even know what that means, but I am the President of an entertainment company. My company was just idea in my head till I went to Canada last year, it was there that I decided to talk to some other people who I trusted. Long story short the company was born)
Ok now I have a chance to go to canada again, business and just hanging out. I really need a vacation. I have 3 kids and no help and I wanna go,right?
So things happen and I can nt go this weekend.
I am pissed!!!
Then my friend calls me up this morning and says lets change weekend's!
Oh crap that would be so kool! ok so we call everyone that the plans are changed and it works out better for everyone...
I get a call from my job and this woman who I have worked this before called my job and asked just for me. How sweet, right?
So now the trip and this lady are on the same day!!
oh no what do I do now?


Susan Abraham said...

Do try & negotiate with the lady, Raven. She should be able to slot in a new appointment.

Raven said...

Thank you. I am not going on the trip. It is not worth the drama that will come after.
Plus it is not good for me.
Thanks advice,