Monday, June 26, 2006

Agent, Agent, How can I get an agent?

HELP!!! Hahahaa I have no clue if I need an agent. I think that I might. I think that it might make me journey an easier for the book(s) that I am writing now.
Now I have noticed that there are some agents on here but what can I do?
I can not just write to them and ask them whats going on? Can I? Is that the way it goes? I have no idea how to do this. But then I have noticed that there are so many romance writers and I was thinking of how I could find some folks in my genre. I dont know any takers?
Advice needed.
Thanx yall,


Kelley said...

I'm not sure. I know it helps to have an agent, but you dont HAVE to have one. I've heard from A LOT of people that The Knight Agency is good, but they might be just romance, I'm not sure. Good luck.

Raven said...

Thanx Kel. Thats what I mean. I dont know how to even find an agent in my genre. Anyone? Anyone?

Susan Abraham said...

Hi Raven, when you next come over to my blog, on the righthand side of the sidebar content and below the green blogroll,
you'll find one of my columns called
'Romancing Book Portals'

I have an entry called Writer's & Artist's Yearbook of Literary Agents. Click on that entry to get your directory of US and UK agents who will each tell you how to submit work to them.
The is one of the best, most updated directories of agents.

Otherwise, just google in The Knight Agency in the US. They have a website and accept query letters by email and represent romances and also other kinds of stories but similiar to the kind of stories you and Kelly write.

Raven, there's also this good US agency, I found on the net.
They accept query letters by email & also teach you how to write query letters & a synopses for your story.
If you can't get this url,
then open google search and just type in
Farris Literary (

But Kelly is right. You don't always need an agent.
Good luck!

Raven said...

Thank you than you thank you. I will be sure to look into those links,Susan, you are the best!!

Susan Abraham said...

Hi again Raven,
Just copy and paste or type out this link up on your address bar and you should get the UK & US agent directory, I told you about.


Raven said...

thanx again