Thursday, June 29, 2006

YAY or NAY!!

OK now check this out.I know that I usually post poetry on here with a few of my rants mixed in, well this is neither. I am asking yet another question.

This weekend I was supposed to be going to Canada with my friends(and for those of you out there I am the CEO I truly dont even know what that means, but I am the President of an entertainment company. My company was just idea in my head till I went to Canada last year, it was there that I decided to talk to some other people who I trusted. Long story short the company was born)
Ok now I have a chance to go to canada again, business and just hanging out. I really need a vacation. I have 3 kids and no help and I wanna go,right?
So things happen and I can nt go this weekend.
I am pissed!!!
Then my friend calls me up this morning and says lets change weekend's!
Oh crap that would be so kool! ok so we call everyone that the plans are changed and it works out better for everyone...
I get a call from my job and this woman who I have worked this before called my job and asked just for me. How sweet, right?
So now the trip and this lady are on the same day!!
oh no what do I do now?

Monday, June 26, 2006

Agent, Agent, How can I get an agent?

HELP!!! Hahahaa I have no clue if I need an agent. I think that I might. I think that it might make me journey an easier for the book(s) that I am writing now.
Now I have noticed that there are some agents on here but what can I do?
I can not just write to them and ask them whats going on? Can I? Is that the way it goes? I have no idea how to do this. But then I have noticed that there are so many romance writers and I was thinking of how I could find some folks in my genre. I dont know any takers?
Advice needed.
Thanx yall,

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Wondering what the hell is going on

Ya know ok I am divorced and I am very happy about that. I have to let my x see the boys but there are more times when they come home with bruises. Yes, I have 2 boys and they are rough but they are also 5,3 and raised primarly by a sensitive,open mined woman(me). Ever since my divorce my x is 10 times more interested in me than when we were married.

I wont get into the reasons why we are not together but lets just say I dont trust this asshole as far as I can spit and I am a lady so I dont spit. ya mean??
Ok he has been calling me trying to get me to sleep with him.

Horny bastard!

I dont wanna sleep with him. Screw that. So last night he called for the second time and said very calmly that my youngest son had fallen and cut himself and he didnt know if he needed stitches. I race over there and see this huge gash over my sons eye. Hell yea he needs stitches, what was he BLIND.
The whole thing all he wanted was to get my friend to leave so he could take me home and get me to sleep with him. My son was hurt!! Our son.
Where is his fuckin brains!
In his DICK
omfg I can not believe him or this whole situation. I told the courts when we were splitting up he wasnt watching them. Nothing was done! I dont know. I just dont know!!

Invisible (poetry korner)


You look at only her
And right through me
It is like men are blind
And can not see anything but my behind
Invisible me
Trying to be
Seen by you

But it doesn’t matter what I do
A big heart, beautiful smile.
Nothing is all worth while.
My heart hurts but I will just let it be
I am invisible
Just invisible me

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Hiding behind you.
Where no one can se me
Soft spoken and quiet
not in the middle of your riot
I dont need to be apart of your family.
I will continue to live
My love is mine to give
You are my friend
and I will respect you till the end.
I will find love,but not hiding behind you.
When that happens I ask
Whatcha wanna do?

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Her or Me? (poetry korner)

She likes him and him and maybe him too.
I wonder if I were a man if she'd like me too.
A man can only see the outside shell,even though she may seem happy she might put him through hell.
But I want none of thay. I want just love as a matter of fact.
Why can't I be loved for who I am?
Why must I play games,it's a sham.
to find some one who can stare into my soul who isn't afraid of achieiving our goals.
For him to see beyond her and into me really deserves my loyality.
So this is me,open for all to see tell me now is it Her or Me.

Monday, June 05, 2006

A message to my daughter (poetry korner)

This is a poem I wrote for my daughter. She is now 13 and I still remember when she was smaller. She has no idea how she only saved my life. When I stare into her eyes I see such a golden light inside of her. She is my beautiful bright star.

A message to my daughter

So much love to give
So much time to share.
You will never to totally aware.
You are my shining Bright Star
With those big dancing brown eyes and beautiful smile.
Come and sit on my lap at least for alittle while
Soon you'll be grown
And going out into the world on your own
Just remember how much I love you
How much I care
Remember that my love, my spirit
Will be with you everywhere

Divorcing the Man (poetry korner)

Let me say that I wrote this when I knew that my marriage was over. I know that many of you are in loving marriages and I am happy for all of you,but there are some of us who get caught up in something that changes us forever. This is one of the many poems published by and I wanted to share it with all of you.

Divorcing the man

As I sit waiting for the rain
I try not to think of how your driving me insane.
You think your smarter than me?
Why can't you just let things be?
You always want to have your way.
Sooner than later will come the day that I tell you to just go away!
You listen to only your mother like she is God or someone other than who she is.
You were supposed to be my man,my husband
I see marrying you as judgement for my sins
Now in this battle you can not win!
My soul is mine and mine alone.
As of late your true colors you have shown.
I remember once you asked me for my hand
Now I can not wait to be
Divorcing the man.

The Otherside. (poetry korner)

I had a dream of the otherside
I have had this dream since my parents died.
It is a beautiful place
In sacred time and space.
Where wild trees grow,You never grow old.
Where your smile never fades
And the happiness lasts for days and days.
The grass so green,with air so crisp and clean
Where there is no pain,no jealousy or shame.
No anger,no hatred and no one to blame.
No negativity. Just tranquillity.
Where peace and happiness reside.
That's the place my parents went the day that they died.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

What I want (poetry korner)

Wishing upon a soul to find,
A man whom I can call all mine.
A smart man not always thinking with his dick!
guys like that really make me sick!
Where is the sensitive,sensual soul I seek?
Am I pushing myself away from the one I will love everyday?
Do I trust in too much?
Should I even believe in such realities or maybe just fantasies of you and me?
Dreams and schemes.
River and streams.
All of this beyond my dreams of hearing 3 words whispered to me.
To be loved,to give love
that is all I wish to see.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Endometrisos (poetry korner)

Endometrisos that was my diagnosis
it all happened in 1998
and I guess it was my fate
to be cursed with pain
t hat I could not change
At least I know it has a name
It's called Endometrisos
And now I dont feel ashamed!

Friday, June 02, 2006

Society (poetry korner)

Society is filled with anxieties of trying to accomplish unreal realities
to save ourselves from day to day slavery,not just for one,but you and me
Some think it is gone,others say they are wrong.
Each day I work I come to know that people see the color of my skin then they think they know which box to put me in.
I see my people,brown, red and black
making up for past mistakes and the things that they lack
Day by day I see no change
Just that justice has been rearranged
Stolen land,stolen people
crushed pride and years of unheard cries
Society circles round and round
So keep your feet planted on the ground
Keep your dreams and expression free
And never no never fear the anxiety of the reality on this crazy messed up thing we call our "Society!"

Thoughts of you(poetry korner)

Hey so here I am again giving yall alittle taste of something new.

Thoughts of You.

Thoughts of you and what you can make me do
flow across my mind
I feel your hands under my dress
caressing my skin and whispering in earnest.

Feverishly hot
afraid to breath
wanting,no needing for you to please me.

Lay me down with erotic thunder,teasing me with your tongue, I explode more times then one cares to wonder.
As you slowly slip inside my tight well
I feel your hardness begin to swell
harder,faster,Don't stop,I yell!
Sweat dripping from us like if we were in the bowels of hell.

I feel you now releasing your seed,sending constant shudders throughtout me
Panting,squeezing,holding you tight.
I realize I am dreaming,I'm all wet with delight.
Thoughts of you course through my brain while the horniness drives me insane.

Ravish me now, I beg of thee.
Damn I am dreaming again of what it's like having you inside me.

Omg I can't believe I wrote that. Omg. wow ok