Saturday, January 22, 2011

News Update

Hello All, I've been dodging and ducking and now I'm here to drop some news on ya. Tonight I'll be doing my blogtalk radio show with my co-host Tavia and a special guest along with Interracial author Empress. It all takes place tonight at 6pm EST.

Other than that I've had a New Years release which you can pick it up at
                          New Year’s Wish by Raven Starr
  After another Christmas alone, Freya gets the gift of a lifetime. Marcus is special kind of man. He’s a Cupid. If he can find someone to love him, he’ll lose his wings and become human.  Enter Sirius is Marcus’s dark brother. He has a chance to kill his brother’s dreams of a mortal life. Will Freya end up in love or in a coffin? 

And coming soon from the same publisher is A Husband for Martha
Martha Jones is a single woman in her thirties. All of her friends were either married or in a relationship, Martha was left out. Until the night Cade appeared in her life. He’s everything she’s not: mysterious, dashing and dangerous. Can Cade change Martha’s life and show her the meaning of love. Or will he introduce her to world of darkness?

Here's the info about tonight's show:

Blogtalk Radio: IR Authors Raven Starr, Empress LaBlaQue, Special Guest, and Co Host Tavia! Q & A, Interracial Romance~Discussions! Reviews! Contests! Fun! Saturday Evening, 5:00 CT. Visit these websites to win freebies.,, or 1-347-994-2252

Call in or join the chat for your chance fof my cool giveaways and freebies.

On the news I just sent a story off. Everyone cross your fingers. I've finished the first book in my 4 part series called The Book of Ancients- Lost Guardian. I'll post a snippet of it in the next few days. I'm hunting for an agent and belive you me it's daunting, but I'm plugging away. Hear more about this and so much more tonight on Blog Talk Radio!!!