Friday, September 21, 2007

New blogspot!

Hey I gotta new place to blog. Im honored to be apart of One Kiss. A place where published authors blog, post, and have a great time promoting each other and ourselves. Come check me out. What would you do for One Kiss? Stop over and tell me.. Raven Starr

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Fan-Tasy is.........

still climbing in up the Red Rose Bestsellers Charts.
It is now at number 4. Thank you to all the folks that stopped by the sites and picked up their copy. Please continue, spread the word. There is a new interracil author and her name is Raven Starr....

Friday, September 14, 2007

New vidoe added...

Hey all,Check out my new website and see the video for Fan-Tasy. Sign my guestbook to be entered in the contest to win free reads for me and upcoming YA writer Cheyenne-Skye
Check it out!
Thanks a bunch,Raven Starr

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Too Bad for you (Poetry Korner)

Its time to throw some poetry into the mix. I have to stay faithful to the art form that started my writing frenzy. So for all the folks who like to read my poetic work here's a little tid bit of some of my old school poetry. Enjoy...
Too Bad for You.

Too Bad for You.

To be you is a choice
Not a rule to be followed your jealous of a famous man
I find this very hard to swallow.
So here we are
Sadness seeping in
No talking. No arguing
No where to begin
So it's over before we start
What a shame we have to part.
Maybe this is best
You can find someone like the rest.
But for now I am done, Finished.
I am through
Too bad. Too bad for you

Check out my new website

Wow things are really moving and Im learning alot throughout this whole process. One thing I've learned is you have to have website. So please check out my new site.

Sign my guest book and be entered a contest to win free reads once a month from me.
Thanks for all your support,
Raven Starr

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Over 50 copies sold...

wow, over 50 copies of my new ebook Fan-Tasy have reached awaiting readers. Thank you all so much. I'm very happy about the release and how well the book is doing. Let's rock the boat. Spread the word. Raven Starr is coming. Please check out my new ebook and keep your eyes peeled for more ebooks. Check out Red Rose Publishing.. Thank you all so much. Coming soon from Red Rose Going Home Again and Her Smile. Raven Starr

A new Contract!! Her Smile has a home...

YAY! With Fan-Tasy taking off I've been writing and submitting. I wrote a story called Her Smile and I'm happy to announace that Red Rose has picked it up! I was nervous about it, thinking I would have to scratch it and start over. The owner of RRP told me it was very well written and a wonderful story. I'm so happy! I'm still working on my bigger novel Twin Souls and another short story called The Pleasure Cruise. Stay tuned for more updates and snippets of the work to come. If you haven't picked up your copy of Fan-tasy stop by Fan-tasy isstill in the top 10 bestsellers list on Red Rose, let's keep it there. Happy Sunday, Raven Starr

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Fan-Tasy is here and already

number 4 on the bestsellers list on The Red Rose Publishing site.
Let's keep it there or higher.
Make your Fan-Tasy come True Today!!


Raven Starr

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Fan-tasy has a release date!!!!

Hello everyone..
I am very proud to announce that Fan-tasy has a release date of September 6, 2007...
I am very very excited about the release. Check out Red Rose Publishing.....