Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Too Bad for you (Poetry Korner)

Its time to throw some poetry into the mix. I have to stay faithful to the art form that started my writing frenzy. So for all the folks who like to read my poetic work here's a little tid bit of some of my old school poetry. Enjoy...
Too Bad for You.

Too Bad for You.

To be you is a choice
Not a rule to be followed your jealous of a famous man
I find this very hard to swallow.
So here we are
Sadness seeping in
No talking. No arguing
No where to begin
So it's over before we start
What a shame we have to part.
Maybe this is best
You can find someone like the rest.
But for now I am done, Finished.
I am through
Too bad. Too bad for you

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