Tuesday, February 05, 2008

My New Interview

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Tuesday, 5 February 2008
Getting to Know Raven Starr
Topic: Author Interview
Raven Starr the person:

1. What three words do you think describe you as a human being?

Compassionate, honest and loving

2. How do you think others would describe you?

Way too nice, easy going and hopefully compassionate.

3. Please tell us what you are most passionate about outside of writing.

Playing with my kids. Plus I'm a major horror movie buff.

4. Do you have any pets? If so, introduce us to them.

Yep, I sure do. I have a 7 month old, Pushon named, Rosie

5. What is your most precious memory?

All the ones that contain my mother.

6. What is your most embarrassing memory?

Now, if I told ya this one everyone would know. Nope, I'm skipping this one and going to number 8.*strolling away, whistling*

7. If you weren't a writer, what would you be doing with your life?

Being a nurse which I is my day job. I love taking care of the elderly. I think we have so much to learn from our ancestors but most of us are always too busy to listen.

8. In two paragraphs or less write your obituary.

Raven Starr lies behind three wonderful children and a wealth of friends and family. She was not only a writer touching our hearts but her words of poetry entangled into our very soul.

Not just writer, a mother to all children, friendly or non- friendly. Her compassionate, gentle free being will be missed. She was our voice in the darkness. Now she is our light.

Raven Starr the writer:

9. Can you describe the time you realized you were indeed a "real" writer?

Honestly, I've been writing since I can remember, but the first time I knew I was writer had to be when I received my first contract. I was blow away (I still am). I am humbled by this experience and only hope that I can touch someone and let them know that love is all we need.

10. What is going on with your writing these days?

Well I'm working on two different stories. I'm working on a vamp story and another romantic, longer story.

11. What are your future goals for your writing?

My future goals include getting an agent and to get my books into print. I love to have books in the hands of anyone that would like it; I know I would faint to hold a book with my name on it.

12. Can you describe a typical writing day for you?

Depending on whether my kids are home so I'll give ya both versions. No kids- after dropping my boys, I come home, fix a steaming cup of dark chocolate Mayan coffee(yup it tastes as good as it sounds) sit in front of my computer. I try to write when the mood strikes me or write in the genre that calls my name. But if my kids are home, now well that's another story. With chasing them around and stopping the constant fighting I still write, not as much, but they help me focus and keep my eyes on the prize.

13. Why do you write?

I write because it soothes the raging monster in my brain. Writing is apart of me, so I could never see myself not writing something, if not stories then poetry. My muse is twisted so I love delving into the colorful world that is known as, my imagination.

14. What writer most inspires you?

My inspiration comes from my journey in this life and the lessons that I've learned thus far. I've seen things and I've had experiences in my life where I've realized how precious living life is. So I try to do what makes me feel good and writing makes me very happy. Why? I heard once, in looking for a career choice, you should chose to do something that you makes you happy and would do for free. I write because I love it. I believe that we are all born with some talent and when we find out what this talent is, we should use it. I've missed many opportunities in life, so now I smell the roses, so to speak. Life is too short to live in the darkness of the world's hate and sometimes all we need is one light. I hope to be that light for at least one person. If I can, then I'm happy to have been able to bring light and love to them.

15. How do you define your writing?

Wow, okay personally I think my writing is romantic. Being a hopeful romantic to heart, I make sure there is romance in my stories.

16. In one sentence-what do you want people to say about your writing in fifty years?

I would love for people to say my writing touched them that I opened or showed something, within themselves that they couldn't see before.

Raven Starr the details:

17. Can you tell us where to find more information on you? Website? Blog?

Okay here's the details. I'm always toddling around on myspace-----> www.myspace.com/dkraven and my website(for now) www.freewebs.com/ravenstarr and let's not forget my blogspot.. www.dkraven.blogspot.com

18. Is there a place where readers can reach you?

Yup, I love hearing from readers, so check out my myspace and shoot me an email.

19. Can you list all your book titles so people can look for them?

Absolutely. Fan-Tasy.. Her Smile... Going Home Again...

20. For new readers-what can they expect when they read your book(s)?

Love, romance and wickedness. hahahaaa

In conclusion:

21. Take as much space as necessary to speak to our readers-what would you like them to know about you and your writing?

On this planet there are a lot of stresses. Sometime we take a lot of things for granted, but when you want to step outside the norm and read something that will touch you, tantalize you, tease your senses and remind you that love is real then pick up one of stories. Let me sweep away into the world of my imagination. Come ride the waves of destiny with me. I want to thank you all so much because I wouldn't be sitting here doing what I love if it wasn't for my readers. I loved doing this interview. It was very bold and fun, just like me. hahahaaa. Please be on the look out for new books and information. Thanks again, Joyce, for this opportunity for the interview. I had a blast.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Interview with Fleur.. Come take a peek..

1.) With the countless number of interview questions let’s try something different. Tell us something about yourself that hasn’t been previously stated.

I’m a hermit, lol. Seriously, I am a homebody to the extreme. If I didn’t have to go out at all, I wouldn’t. I live on the third floor of an apartment building with no elevator, so the stairs add to my hermit status.

2.) How long have you been writing?

Hmm, at least 27 years. I started with poetry at about 9 and a cheesy teen romance when I was 12. I still cringe when I think about it.

3.) What drives you as a writer?

For me, it’s about filling the voids in my own life. There’s a lot I wish for, to be assertive, alluring, strong in my own skin…and romance.

4.) Give us your plans for this New Year.

Well first off, no resolutions. I’m taking a break from them this year. But I am hoping to get another book done and start a children’s story under my real name.

5.) Give us your pick for sexiest man of the year.

GERARD BUTLER *drools and swoons*

6.) If you and he were single if given 24 hours what would you do?

I’d probably end up just gazing at him and drooling, basically embarrassing myself, lol

7.) What genre do you write and what genre would you love to try?

My first book is contemporary romance, but my second one is a romantic thriller. I would love to try paranormal romance. There’s just something about it that lets anything happen.

8.) What is your biggest pet peeve?

Oh dear. Where to start! Drivers that don’t obey the speed limit, the ones that go too slow and people that use the 10 items or less lanes with more than 10 at grocery stores.

9.) Since the beginning of the New Year what goal (short or long term) do you have planned?

To be the best person I can be

10.) What are you working on now?

Staring at my computer screen, willing the words to come for my next potential book.

11.) What do you have out?

Nothing as of yet, but hopefully Steamed Desire will be out in March.

12.) Beer or wine?

Actually, wine. But I do like Hornsby, a cider based ale, when wine isn’t appropriate.

13.) Sinful indulgence?

Long soaks with Japanese Cherry Blossom bath and marzipan.

Well, I thank you so much for taking the time to answer these questions. I leave the floor to you. Tell us if you’re making any appearances, book singing, chats, etc…

Thank you again and have a brilliant New Year.

Raven Starr

Well, unfortunately my floor is pretty clean right now, lol. Once my book is released, we’ll see what happens promotion wise. Stay tuned and keep writing!