Friday, August 25, 2006

A Traitor among us( poetry korner)

There is a traitor among us, Roaming free. He is in our mists and we can not truly see. That his intentions are not as good as he may seem to be. With a smile on his face And a dagger in your back. Be careful of this snake for he will one day attack. For his jealous eyes have spotted and trained upon this weary soul. He can no longer have this love. And that is why his anger grows. He lashes out at the world he does not know, At a child that is not his, but he watched grow. Turning her from docile to untamed and wild But his mind can not fathom what a terrible deed he has done. For he only thinks that is it all in good fun So again be careful traveling alone with your kids This traitor is among us And I know who he is.