Saturday, August 12, 2017

Guess What??

Hello all. I know my visits here have been sporadic but you guys know how life gets in the way sometimes.
But here I am again with soo much good news.
Okay Twisted is still up on Amazon, and Smashwords so make sure you get your copy today.

A Husband for Martha is 99 cents on createspace.

Like I mentioned the other day I am a part of an anthology with a wonderful bunch of ladies...well here they are:

Hadley Raydeen
Dahlia Rose
Cordelia Michelsen
Aliyah Burke
Leila Lacey
Jaimie Lyne Sanderson
Reana Malori
Angela Kay Austin
Autumn Latimore
 and me of

Labor of Love presale is coming on the 14th...

And last but not least just in time for the upcoming holiday.. yep I said yep.. Are you thinking about Labor Day? No, no, I'm all about the Fall and the scare..
So starting this month I will be writing a monthly paranormal column called.... Drum roll please...

Secrets of the Raven.... coming soon...really really soon.

I know it's been a lot of information, now you see one reason I've been a tad dormant.
So now I'm off I have soo many things to do.
Talk radio shows, contests, takeovers..more...more....

Wednesday, August 09, 2017


omg just checked out my book on amazon and holy smokes what did I see??

Another 5 star review for Twisted!!

So very cool.

Thank you so much for embracing this ride into depravity and madness. I appreciate it very much <3 font="">

Here I Am

Hey there everyone I know it's been a hot minute since I've been here and I hope you forgive me for that, but slowly I'm working. I'm still healing from the accident more mental scars than anything else now. But things are in motion.. another release some old and new. I'm working on the horror romance...yep you heard me I can blend both... well at least I'm going to give it a hell of a I've got a spotlight interview in the works and maybe a radio thing but it's all up in the air as of right now. But remember I love ya 

Monday, May 01, 2017

Now the fun begins.....

The long wait has finally come to an end. I know the last year has been hectic and I love and appreciate all the love and support you have given me. There's nothing so frightening than writing something and have it judged by the masses. lol. I hope you enjoy this trip in darkness of my mind. And you'd better be or you may wind up in another novel... Just kidding. Enjoy and Happy Reading

Sunday, April 30, 2017

The Moment We've all been waiting is HERE!

Just got the email I've been waiting for... and Oh snap y'all it's about to go down!!! 

Twisted will be released tomorrow!!! :)

Oh snap what you gonna do about it?

 I asked you before and I'll ask again... Are you ready? 

This is not a steamy romance Twisted is a head trip.

 Buckle up folks... 

It's about to get.... Twisted!!!

Twisted by Raven Starr coming soon from Wings epress

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Cover Reveal.. Twisted is HERE!

Fest your eyes on this! Say hello to Krista Evans. Come meet her within the pages of Twisted...if you dare. Just make sure you don't get on her bad side.

Twisted coming soon May/June 2017

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

It's coming..............

Are you ready? It's coming.........the cover reveal for Twisted.... is coming.....

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Teaser Tuesday......

Teaser from Twisted by Raven Starr coming soon from Wings E-press 2017...

Brett shook his head nervously looking around. “I’m sorry, Kris, I can’t explain it. I don’t know what happened. I was waiting for you in our secret spot then your sister came,” he shrugged his shoulders. “It just happened.”
“It just happened? You just happened to kiss my sister? You just happened to break up with me and date my sister? It just happened?”
Brett glanced down the hallway, stiffened his back and changed his tone.
“Ha! Are you begging now? How pathetic. You think I really wanted to be with you? I just wanted to sleep with you. I mean get real, Krista, look at me then look at you.” His laugh cut through her heart.
“Brett?” Mara cooed slinking up beside him to wrap her arm around his waist. “What’s going on?”
“Nothing babe, it’s cool.” He kissed the top of Mara’s head then mouthed the words ‘I’m sorry’ before Krista ran off down the hallway with a bevy of laughter echoing behind her.
“Kris? Krista?” Kim leaned over to tap her friend’s shoulder. “Are you alright, sweetie?”
“Yeah, yeah, sure. I’m sorry I had a brain fart, I guess. Getting old and senile, huh?” Krista giggled.
A wide grin spread across Kim’s face. “No way. You’re the smartest person I know.”
Krista shook her head. “Now we both know that’s not true, Kim but thanks for the vote of confidence.”
Kim leaned over and whispered, “Come on, Kris, I’m always on your side, remember best friends don’t ask where to bury the body, they just bring a shovel.”
Krista leaned back to examine Kim’s face. Did she really say that?
Suddenly, Kim slapped the table and broke out with a joyous laughter that made the other patrons turn to stare in their direction. “You looked at me like I’m crazy, Kris. Oh wow, I got you. You’re crazy. I know you wouldn’t hurt anybody, but sometimes I think everybody thinks about it at least once. Do you, Kris?”
The question caught her off caught. “Do I what?”
“Think about it? You know…killing someone.”
“Oh, my God, no, Kim. Your talking crazy bullshit, right now. I really don’t like this at all.”
 Kim picked up her drink and took a big sip.
Krista relaxed her shoulders. “Kim, I’ve known you a long time and I’ll be honest, you scare the shit outta me sometimes.”
Kim shrugged. “You don’t know what it’s like, Kris. Being second, in the shadow all the time. It gets lonely and sometimes,” she shrugged her shoulders once more. “Sometimes you wonder if someone wasn’t in your way, if your life could be different if they were dead.”
Krista stared at her friend fighting to look of panic on her face. You know what this means, don’t you?
“Well,” Krista rose to her feet and gathered her things. She put down a twenty-dollar bill for Doreen. “Listen,” she leaned down and kissed her cheek. “Don’t worry about all the other people, it’s their loss. You’re a great person. Someone that…means a lot to me. Call me sometime and we’ll hang, okay?”
Kim perked up. “Yes, I will. Cool, thanks Kris.”
“Anytime.” Krista patted Kim on her shoulder as she left the CafĂ©.
You know what this means, don’t you? You know what needs to be done, right?
Krista ducked inside her car and drove away.
Listen to me. You’re not listening.
“I am listening.” Krista snapped.
Then you know what needs to happen.
Tell me.
“Kim has to die.” Krista whispered.
Exactly. See I love this game. There’s so many ways to play but first Brett.
Brett humiliated her, left her for Mara, crimes punishable by death. Unlike the easy idea for Aunt Mary’s car accident, Brett’s demise must be painful. It must eat away at him and make him understand his hateful, selfish ways.
Eat at him. The words rang out again.
Yes, I think I have an idea for you. It’ll hurt more than anyone will ever know. And he will pay.
 Krista turned up the volume on the stereo trying to drown out the laughter in her head. But it was there…it was always there. Tick-tock, Brett. Tick fucking tock.