Thursday, March 27, 2014

Happy Spring

Hey everyone it's finally spring time. Its time to come out of our houses and enjoy the nice weather. I'm sorry I haven't written in a while but I have been busy with school. So far I passed my last class but now I have started a new class and I'm reading about some crazy stuff. I have a plan with one of my books and I hope it works. I have been editing and puttering around with something. I am hoping to get any editor/ agent with it. Wish me luck. I have a book called The Tapestry but I don't have a release date yet but keep checking back here to find out what's going on. If you want to keep in touch with me always go to my facebook page. I love Facebook look under Raven Starr. I want to get more exposure. I have been asked to host another blogtalk radio show from Kindred Books from Topaz Publishing. Once it's all ready I will let you know about when and where, so far it'll be every Monday at 6pm Eastern time. Follow Kindred Books online and hear me interview each author. It'll be a blast!! Don't forget my young adult book at Museitup Publishing. Its under a different name but its still me. Give it a try and let me know what you think. Well, I'd better run. See ya around the net. :)

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas

Hello all. What a wonderful Christmas morning it is. The kids are quite playing with their new toys and I am enjoying the peace. I have many projects in the works and I'm waiting for my cover for Twisted. I can't wait to see it. I had a dark time writing this book. It is really fun. I have some time off of school so I'll be writing more in the next few days, which is a relief. So what are your plans today? Did you get snow? All the snow here is gone but its still cold out. Alright I just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. I am thankful to those who read my this. Thank you for your support and I hope to be bringing you more stories in 2014.
Love and light,

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Hello all, yes, I know it’s been a long but I am here to announce the release of my first young adult book called Book of the Ancients: Lost Guardian. I hope you love this book as much as I loved writing it. My new pen name for the series and other young adult books will be Kipley Deshannon. I know I told you something different but I changed it. Here is my new author page where you can find out about me and my work.
 And here is the buy link for Book of the Ancients. (If this link doesn’t work click read more on the first link and it will bring you to the buy page.)

On other news there is an awesome ad in Dark Discoveries that has Vampire Embrace’s cover in it. It’s about women in horror. Speaking of horror I am writing a new creepy story, the title I have right now is called “Bug”. I won’t say anymore because this book is still in the beginning stages. I’m also writing a romance book called Tapestry. I’m having a good time editing and writing this story. This story is all about the power of our minds and everlasting love. It is not finished yet so I haven’t settled on a publishing house.

I don’t know if I told you but I’m going back to school to get my bachelor degree in English. I am hoping to hon my craft this way. It is why I haven’t put out many books, but don’t fret I’m still writing. Thank you for your support. I love you all for hanging in there and enjoying what I put out. As for getting an agent I will always be on the look out. I think getting an agent is the next time in my writing career. I have about another year of school then I’m done and will be back to writing full-time. Yay!

If you want to follow me I’m on Twitter and especially Facebook, it is my dirty little plaything right now. J So look me up and let’s chat. I’m under my pen name which we all know is Raven Starr. Let me know you are a fan/reader and I will accept you. I’d love to hear from you all. So I’ll see ya around and send more updates as they appear. Don’t forget to check out my blog for other stories, games and all around fun. Hugs to you all. Here is the cover to Book of the Ancients: Lost Guardian. Enjoy

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Release Day

Hey there everyone I'm here because I finally have a release coming out call The Cursed Drum.
 It's a horror short I'm sure you'll enjoy. Check it out today at
In other news I've been working hard on my college classes. Its hard to write my stories and papers as well, so thanks for sticking with me. I'm working on edits for my young adult and its crazy cool. lol. Speaking of my young adult I changed my pen name, the new one is Kipley Deshannon. Like it? I'm still working on my thriller killer, Twisted. It's really coming along nicely. But check out The Cursed Drum. See ya on the flip side.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

I sold it!

I sold my very first book of my young adult series Book of the Ancients the first book is called The Lost Guardian. I'm so happy. It was a great birthday present. I will be writing under the pen name KD Todd. You have to check it out! It's Springtime and I'm loving the change of seasons. I have taken a slight break from writing because of the school papers I have to write each week. I hope to get back into the swing of things when the school work ebbs a little bit. I'm still loving Facebook but I haven't been there too often. I will have to find some folks that want to be interviewed on the blogtalk show. I haven't had too much time to do that either, but I've been slacking. I have get my act together. I'm looking for some good music to write too anyone have any good bands I could try out? Or something like Dub step would be great. When I have more information I will be right. I know it can be a long time but I'm going to change that. I'm so happy with the way things are going. I'm happy, healthy and full of ideas. I have a few signed books of Thieves in the Night. I'm thinking of a way of having a giveaway. If you have any good ideas let me and we might try it out.
Well, its back to reading, but don't stay away too long and either will I.
Much love,

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I'm Back Again!!!!!!!!

Hey everyone. What's up? I missed ya'll. It's been a long time but school is killer, but I promise not to stay away so long. I'm blogging to about Eve's Revenge is coming out tomorrow. I love the cover and I hope you do too. Please spread the word. Raven Starr is back!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The True Story Behind To Start Again.

If you haven't picked up a copy of this novel from BTP then shame on
Here's a blog from J and J on just how it happened.

We have a confession: neither Jeanie nor I had ever read a novel, seen a play, or recited a poem by author Raven Starr until she submitted a manuscript to Beautiful Trouble Publishing.  That, however, didn’t stop us from being familiar with the author.  Despite the masses of authors out there, publishing circles are small and the six degrees of separation are more like three degrees of separation…if that. 
Even though neither of us knew her, we knew of her because she had an online presence.  That is, she had a blog, was on both Facebook and MySpace, and had a yahoo group.  You might wonder what that has to do with her submission and we’d answer “everything.” 
When reading over submissions, we look for a well-written and compelling story.  That, however, is not all we look for when we receive a submission.  As a publisher specializing in e-Books, we also look for how the author looks online.  Before we read the first word of the submission, we perform an internet search for the author.  We expect veteran authors to have a presence, and Raven definitely had one. 
Able to check off that first box on our ‘must have’ checklist, we read her submission.  We didn’t accept Raven’s first submissionnot because it wasn’t a good read, but because it was a genre more appropriate for a different publisher.  Asking her permission, we hooked her up with another publisher and encouraged her to submit something else to Beautiful Trouble Publishing. 
She did.  Word on the street is ‘because we’re so awesome’.  That’s our story and we’re sticking to it.  Skimming her submission, as usual we mentally noted typos, repetition, and other grammar things.  Somewhere along the way however, we got sucked into the story.  We wanted the heroine to make it out to the other side, especially as the hero was damn likeable.  Before we even reached the end, we’d decided to accept the story. 
Knowing Raven has children, was also a student herself and managed to squeeze in a social life, we emailed her and asked her to call us.  A few minutes later she called the business line.   That initial conversation was memorable. 
“Hello, Beautiful Trouble Publishing,” Jayha said (Jayha likes to add that she sounded all sophisticated and whatnot…The Jeanie likes to point out that is a damn lie).
“Hi, this is Raven.  You asked me to call.”
Being the epitome of professionalism, grace and etiquette, I responded.  “You B*tch!” I screamed/sniffled because I was still crying from the story.  “You are wrong for making me look so un-gangsta like.  We want the story.  By the way, DIBS on Aidan.”
Instead of being offended, Raven responded with tinkling laughter before getting all serious.  “So you liked it?”
“We did.”
Raven was concerned that the story wasn’t “enough” for our publishing company.  We were concerned that we might be too much, not just for Raven but for many authors.  The Jeanie and I…we’re picky, we’re demanding, and according to rumor “UNBELIEVABLY AWESOME.”
Was To Start Again our usual type of romance?  No, but we pride ourselves on not having a “usual” typeother than kickazz.  During the read we got angry, we cried, and in the end we sighed when Madison and Aidan both received their HEA.
The story went through what many of our authors refer to as “editing boot camp.”  Through it all, Raven was the epitome of a professional.  She didn’t whine and moan about our picky ways (well, at least not out loud).  Instead, she buckled down and put her nose to the grindstone.  We happen to think To Start Again is her best piece of writing…and that’s not simply because we published it.
The book is dedicated to her mother.  We think her mom would be proud.  We certainly are.  Thank you Raven for being part of Beautiful Trouble Publishing.  Jeanie and Jayha