Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I am back!

I just needed some soul searching and I did that. I am here where I post what I want and say what I want. I am happy as hell today and I am not letting anyone or anything drag me down. Thank you to my sister Kelley and my writer inspired friend Susan for giving me all the support and love for the written word as much I.
I am proud of what I can write and what flows naturally from me.
I am a poet!
I am a write, no matter if I am writing romance novels or supernatural ones, even in my poetry I am different and I had to realize that it my differnce from others that draw the attention that I need.
Happiness to all!
Oh I am looking for a professional to ctitque my work anyone wanna take a stab at it?
thanx in advance

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Im leaving..

Hi all, to my friends who come here to support my work thanks,but I guess I am packing up my quills and finding somewhere else to lay my head. It has nothing to do with this site or anyone just me. Writing fills a aprt of me that I can not explain. I don't to make money or to get famous. I write because thats who Iam.
I am a writer and always a poet. I am not sure that I belong here with such writers as yourselves and I dont want to change my style or who I am to achieve what it is that I truly want. Yes this is confusing for me. I have not totally made up my mind but I will be slowly deleting my work from this site but hopefully not from the hearts and minds of the few of you that I might have touched with my words.
Thanks again and I hope to meet all of you someday.
Write on, my friends.
Follow your hearts and the quill will follow.