Sunday, October 28, 2007

Her Smile has a release DATE!

Wake up Y’all it's that time again.
Are you ready?
My new ebook, Her Smile will be going live on Thursday, November 1st.

Come and get your copy.

There will also be a live chat on the website so come check me there.

Stop by say hi and maybe win a prize.

Excerpt to Her Smile by Raven Starr. Out Nov.1st

Kylie bit her lip and raised her sculpted eyebrows. “What are we doing here?”
“Come find out.” He opened the door and got out.
He waited for Kylie to join him on the other side of the car; he locked her arm around his and proceeded towards the entrance of Rock Woods Park.
“What are we doing here?” Kylie asked again reading the sign.
“I wanted to show you something.” Mark led her a little ways down the path. When he heard a gasp escape her lips, he knew she saw it. He unlocked his arm from hers and slowed his pace. He watched Kylie walked over the twisted, odd-looking, yet hauntingly beautiful tree. Gone was all the trash and debris, replaced by a small white picket fence surrounded the area and a gold sign in the ground. Kylie leaned closer to read the inscription. Our journey begins here. M.S. and K.S. forever.
He watched her as she tried to decipher the last part of the message.
“Our journey?” she asked turning to face.
“Yes, in this place you opened my eyes. So I couldn’t a more significant place than this.”
“This is all wonderful, it is Mark, but those are not my initials.”
“Well, we can fix that too.” Mark said kneeling on one knee in front of her.
“Oh my God,” Kylie clasped her hands over her mouth.
He reached into his pocket, produced a tiny black velvet box. He casually popped it open. “Kylie Thomson will you do me the ultimate honor of becoming my wife?”
Mark looked up into her eyes as tears flowed down her face.
“Oh Mark,” she whispered. “Yes, Oh my God, Yes!”
“Yes?” He sounded shocked.
“Yes,” she said with more confidence.
Mark stood up, took the three-carat canary yellow diamond ring with platinum setting out of the box, and slipped it on her finger. With the ring in its proper place, Mark picked up his new fiancée and swung her around. There was no feeling in the world, save probably the birth of his first child, that could top this moment.
“I love you, Kylie.”
“I love you too, Mark”
Their embrace rivaled the most the strongest union and shake the foundations of true love to its moral core. They stared into each other eyes, lost in the infinite bounds of their love.
Mark held her face. Kylie’s smile beamed up at him.
“I love your smile.”
The End

Monday, October 22, 2007

Monday Morning

It is Monday yet again and I'm checking in to see how everyone's
weekend was.
Well, I'm trying not to catch a cold, but Im still feeling ichy blah
blah, yanno?

I took my kids out with our new puppy to the park and there my
daughter freaked me out by acting like her mentor Steve Irwin(God
rest his soul)
I am afraid of snakes. I mean over the summer time we went to an
animal expo and first the first time in my life I touched a snake and
even let the rangler put it around my neck. I did freak out! My
vision went completely white.

But yesterday my daughter and I saw this snake. I was the biggest
girl, screaming and whopping and hollering. hahahaa
But just like she saw on tv she grabbed a stick, used it to steady
the snake, then picked it up(holding its head)
Oh my goodness. Let's just say I was impressed to see this normally
girlie girl, who can't touch or handle raw meat, get down in the dirt
and catch this gardner snake.
Did I touch it?
***rubbing chin***

Yep, I did..

I was so proud of myself to be able to touch this wild snake. Its so
different from the first tame snake. I mean this thing was wiggling
and writhing around. eewww... But I touched it. Im getting over my
fears one step at a time.
What did you do?
I hope everyone had a wild weekend too

Happy Monday...
Raven Starr

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

My Latest Review

Hey everyone clink the link and check out my latest review for Fan-Tasy. http://redrosesfora uthors.blogspot. com/2007/ 10/fan-tasy. html

Leave me a message or comment. Tell me whatcha think.

Raven Starr

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Google Thyself

All this bloody talk of folks googling themselves isn't what its cracked up to be. Yep, I feel prey to this and got broken by what I saw.Even though my book sold 99 copies on every site I have only ONE rating that is following me everywhere. POOR! That one rating reflects one person's opinion but it still hurts very much. Since I googled myself, I started questioning my work and myself.I know that I am my own worse critic. I know that NOT everyone who reads my books will like them. Its not the Poor rating as much as it is the ONLY rating, that troubles me.This is a hard business I know and I've only just begun.My friends have come out and shown me such support that it brought me literarly to tears. My publisher and editor both wrote to me and expressed how good my work is.But why then am I stuck in this rut? Who knows. Maybe its just writer's block. Every writer goes through this and I will break free and start back to work. But what are some of your thoughts on writer's block. What do you do to pass the time when you are blocked? Do you continue to write? Or just stop altogether?How do you take the negetive critcs?Let's work it out. Share your thoughts with me..Raven Starr

Friday, October 05, 2007

99 Copies Sold........

Hey all just wanted to share the good news with yall. Fan-Tasy. my first ebook has sold 99 copies!
I want to thank all you that bought a copy of my ebook. I want to thank all of the people who kept me writing and supported me. Thank you to all my friends and family around the world. I appreciate your support. Keep reading and I'll be sure to keep writing.

Raven Starr

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Poet of the Month

Hey Y'all Im gonna try something different. I'm gonna find some reallt passionate poets and post their work here for everyone to enjoy. My first poet is Angee. Her 1st book of poetry called, 'Inspired' is avaliable now. Enjoy some of Angee's passionate words."Intimacy Of A Kiss”The subtleties of your touchYour lips on mineThe gentle tenderness of your kissSoft, warm, wanting, needingYou arms encircle meDrawing me into your embrace, Your personal space you let me inI melt, feeling the heat as we meetAs one, our eyes lockI love the way you look at meAs one, your kiss can say moreThan a thousand of your words ever couldOne kiss can mean moreThan a quick touch ever shouldA kiss can mean many thingsHello, goodbye or until we meet againI’m sorry or I love youEven where you are kissed is importantNot just the lips or your intimate bitsA tip of the nose, a closed eye, a handThe hair on the crown of your headThe ultimate forehead kissEven that saysYou are my heartYou are my soulYou are my everythingI’m missing a beat from my heartEvery time I have to go awaySo give me a kiss that will lingerLeaving me anticipatingNeeding me to come home to youSo I can be complete once more.© 10th April 2007 Written by Angee Edgar All Rights Reserved.

“Stealing My Thunder”I won’t allow you to steal my thunderI won’t let you take my voiceI know I’ll be stronger for my trialEven when I didn’t ask for help I was shown I had another choice.You won’t steal my thunderYou won’t drag me around by the handI’ve found someone worthy of me – it’s meSo I no longer have to live with your demands.When you first started taking my thunderIt was little things like shouting and pulling my hairThen it got more serious, you drew blood and left bruisesYou stood above me laughing and mocking “Ha ha! Life’s so not fair!”When I let you steal my thunderI let you take my pride as you slept aroundI let you take me for a foolish foolI let you beat my spirit into the ground.As my thunder was continually erodedNo one near to me had a clueThey only thought this vivacious woman’s a little quieterIf only the whole truth they knew.When thunder is stolen it’s gradualSometimes friends and family might suspectBut an expert in denial and hiding the bruisesUltimately through fear he controlled the noose at my neck. When another whose thunder was stolenApproached me one day in the streetShe said so sincerely and deeply “I see you. It happened to me.”She gave me a card and said “Call if you want to meet.”I looked at the thunderbolt card she gave meA stranger I thought ‘Who the hell is she?’I didn’t know my family told her about meI put away the card not knowing she’d be the one to help set me free.I decided my thunder had to come backIt hit me as I looked in the mirror one dayI saw I was a shadow of my former selfIn this relationship I knew I didn’t want to stay.My thunder was not yours to be takenThe beatings and punishment I could take no moreI gathered the courage to make that callI asked for help and phone in hand slid crying to the floor. My thunder is under reconstructionAn ex gave me a lesson I needn’t have been taughtI’ve been helped through this awful time in my lifeTo my family and friends I’m grateful for their true love and support.As I heal I’m taking back my thunderEventually I’ll blossom again like a roseI’ve realise there’s life after spousal abuseIt will take time, how long? I trust God it’s only he that knows. © 22nd September 2007 Written by Angee Edgar All Rights Reserved