Monday, October 22, 2007

Monday Morning

It is Monday yet again and I'm checking in to see how everyone's
weekend was.
Well, I'm trying not to catch a cold, but Im still feeling ichy blah
blah, yanno?

I took my kids out with our new puppy to the park and there my
daughter freaked me out by acting like her mentor Steve Irwin(God
rest his soul)
I am afraid of snakes. I mean over the summer time we went to an
animal expo and first the first time in my life I touched a snake and
even let the rangler put it around my neck. I did freak out! My
vision went completely white.

But yesterday my daughter and I saw this snake. I was the biggest
girl, screaming and whopping and hollering. hahahaa
But just like she saw on tv she grabbed a stick, used it to steady
the snake, then picked it up(holding its head)
Oh my goodness. Let's just say I was impressed to see this normally
girlie girl, who can't touch or handle raw meat, get down in the dirt
and catch this gardner snake.
Did I touch it?
***rubbing chin***

Yep, I did..

I was so proud of myself to be able to touch this wild snake. Its so
different from the first tame snake. I mean this thing was wiggling
and writhing around. eewww... But I touched it. Im getting over my
fears one step at a time.
What did you do?
I hope everyone had a wild weekend too

Happy Monday...
Raven Starr

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