Wednesday, May 31, 2006

My Kiss (poetry korner)

ok ok this is my first try at something new,but I dreamed this poem and I figured I would write it down. Do you like it?

My Kiss
First it starts out brief for it is such a relief.
Then your soul will slowly start to yearn for my sweet soft lips, that will be your only concern.
And in a secret place within your soul that is only meant for me to know
is where our passion will grow.
As our lips caress our hot bodies we do undress.
Seeing your pure nakeness has me very impressed.
Your body and soul are amazing and that's no contest.
When you touch my skin I can feel the heat burning inside my breasts.
My kiss and touch are such delighful entities,that you may lose all thoughts except those naughty ones of me.
As our tongues do touch and we are fondling eachother but not too rough.
I beg you to gently lick my skin and feel the warmth within, then you can begin to take my breath away.
Close your eyes,feel my lips, remember the rhythmic sway of my hips, then know that all this began with My Kiss.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Player's Breed.(poetry korner)

Player's Breed.

You say you love her,but you sleep with me.
You don't talk to her,yet confide in me.
Tell me how that is?
Tell me how that works?
How can you do that without being a jerk?

Player's are a breed
A step or two behind.
Not wanting love but all the free sex they can find.
Don't fall prey to the player's breed.
For they will tear out your heart and leave there to bleed.
Just play the game and they will a player's breed can be you or me!

Feel the need (poetry korner)

Feel the Need..
I feel the need
the need to run
the need to hide
to crawl up deep inside.
I feel the need.
The need to cry
the need to scream
to scratch,bite and fight until my soul has been redeemed.
I feel the need.
The need to hate
the need to love
to do whatever pleases me and the man above.
There are emotions that run so deep that it makes me find the peace of mind to sleep.
I am torn between two worlds.
One that has limits and borders,the other holds freedom.
I feel the need
or maybe it is something that I lack.
I need to try to get my life back on track.
I feel the need
the need to be me.
And that will only happen when I chose to finally be free.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Wow I think this should have been my poetry korner altogether cuz I am not doing anything else but writing poetry. Oh I should try to post a part of my new book. It is hard to write two books at one time I'll tell ya what. But honestly when I need to write poetry then thats what I do but if I want to get into the other book then thats what I do. My other book is fantasy and love story. I will try to post alittle bit of it soon though I would like some feedback, but since it is only my friend em and my sister reading this I dont know how much good it would do,but I will think about it.

Why am I here? (poetry korner)

Why am I here?
Living in fear
living in chronic pain
everyday is all the same
No money I have
no promises I see
My life is my kids and me.
I won't let the pain stop me
from trying to be free
I want a little space
the love and support just to be:
A mother
A poet
A woman that is divine
All are gifts that one day will be mine
I just have to live
Fight the struggle everyday
that one day I maybe given the chance
to prove my worth
And say to all who never believed that I do belong on this earth!

Saturday, May 20, 2006

general thoughts

Here is something to think about.

Why do women think they can change men?! We can't get used to it! Especially if the guy is already a cheater and they way you got to him was because you were cheating with him when he was married?! Yea thats always a good start.

This crazy chick now stalks me. When I met the guy I didnt think they were together. And when I found out I called it off. Now they both want me. He likes me. I understand, I feel that if he was single he could be good for me,but then again some recent events have taken place to show me that he may not have enough brain cells to even deal with me on a non sexual level.

How are you going to let someone break you down you so much that you are willing to lose your company that you worked all your life for? How can you afford all your have to haves, when there is no money?!
Anyway I don't wanna be involved in this crazy situation. I am not in it yet everytime I put it behind me she brings me up? Why? Leave me alone. Did she ever think that maybe if she tried to be herself and not keep bringing me up it might work.(there is only one Raven)

She craves me just as bad as her man does!! HA. I am not kidding. And why do women get pregnant in high hopes of keeping a man that doesn't want to be kept?
I can not stand women who think that bringing innocent children into unloving and unstable relationships is a good idea. In fact they are not women at all but FOOLS! Children deserve so much better than a family built on lies and deciet.

Now if this chick stalks me here like she does on myspace then here is alittle hint
"Get a life. You and I both know that if he didn't have more feelings for me than he does for you thewn you wouldnt be sweating all the time. I dont want him. You can have him. But honestly I deserve better and you do too. I am more angered by the fact you think you could bring another child into this world thinking she can your already screwed up relationship! This coming from a man that has 4 kids with 3 you hear me 3 different babies mamas! Yea thats what I want to be one of the many! Yea I am running over right now to get some of that super sperm right now! Ok Ok I know none of this sounds good, but it has to be said. Stop thinking me! Stop making your choices about your relationship through me, cuz I don't care what yall do. For real. I want someone in my life that I can trust. Not someone that likes to have sex with alot of women. Come on sweetie, don't give all blondes a bad rep. (no offense to blondes at all. ) You really need to get up and get a real job, find some hobbies that are your own and try being a real woman with some kinda confidence about yourself. Just cuz you always look like a hot mess you really dont have to be a hot mess! On the real, I am only being honest. See you have never talked me and you honestly don't even know me. I am not the one to play games with you. That is just alittle CRAZY!! Use your brains and do what is right for you and your daughter. Thats who I think about. Thats why I get up everyday and work on tail off to provide a good life for them. Be a mother,not just the word become the meaning of the word. And if you don't know what it is then look it up. But leave me alone!"

Geez I am done. Thanks for letting me vent. I really needed that.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Remembering..(Poetry Korner)

Each passing day is just like another
all blending in with eachother.
But on these specail days I remember.
I remember my pain
My family under so much strain,so much to handle I feel like I suddenly went insane.
I remember I was lost in my worst fear.
I remember wishing and wanting my parents to be here.
But I can remember thier smiles
and the laughs we had once in awhile.
I knew that I loved you both,the same but different from one another.
On this day and everyday I will remember them.
Feel the love that they do send, from heaven above.
I love and miss my father and my mother.
Rest in peace.

This poem still brings tears to my eyes. I wrote so about pain that when I lost my parents I couldn't write. My mind was so full that the words could not be written down. They just rumbled around in my head and finally in sleep(no lie) I jotted some words on down and this was just one of the poems that I finally have enough strength to write.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Disabled (poetry korner)

Disabled like a fable.
No story I can tell.
Tired of people
telling me to hurry up and get well.
I would if I could.
This is my life,not a game.
I am running on empty.
My health is to blame.
My legs always hurt,
I have a womb that doesn't work.
Hands that don't write and something wrong with my sight.
All of these crazy fears and for this I shed countless tears.
It's really hard to deal with daily life it is so surreal,
It pounds down so hard.
searing my flesh,closing me in.
Into this disabled body with burning skin.
But with a smile on my face,
I can replace.
The pain inside, that I always hide.
Disabled like a fable
With no story I can tell.
Well, I would first like to thank my sister(Kelley) for turning me onto this place. Anywhere I can express myself through writing is always good for me. I will try to post as often as I can,but I must say working as a nurse,raising 3 kids alone and running a business I am figuring out that my time is short. Here I will post poetry,thoughts,words of encouragement and wisdom and if I get alittle pissed well then I will post that too. LoL. So welcome to my spot for expression. I hope that you can enjoy it.