Saturday, May 20, 2006

general thoughts

Here is something to think about.

Why do women think they can change men?! We can't get used to it! Especially if the guy is already a cheater and they way you got to him was because you were cheating with him when he was married?! Yea thats always a good start.

This crazy chick now stalks me. When I met the guy I didnt think they were together. And when I found out I called it off. Now they both want me. He likes me. I understand, I feel that if he was single he could be good for me,but then again some recent events have taken place to show me that he may not have enough brain cells to even deal with me on a non sexual level.

How are you going to let someone break you down you so much that you are willing to lose your company that you worked all your life for? How can you afford all your have to haves, when there is no money?!
Anyway I don't wanna be involved in this crazy situation. I am not in it yet everytime I put it behind me she brings me up? Why? Leave me alone. Did she ever think that maybe if she tried to be herself and not keep bringing me up it might work.(there is only one Raven)

She craves me just as bad as her man does!! HA. I am not kidding. And why do women get pregnant in high hopes of keeping a man that doesn't want to be kept?
I can not stand women who think that bringing innocent children into unloving and unstable relationships is a good idea. In fact they are not women at all but FOOLS! Children deserve so much better than a family built on lies and deciet.

Now if this chick stalks me here like she does on myspace then here is alittle hint
"Get a life. You and I both know that if he didn't have more feelings for me than he does for you thewn you wouldnt be sweating all the time. I dont want him. You can have him. But honestly I deserve better and you do too. I am more angered by the fact you think you could bring another child into this world thinking she can your already screwed up relationship! This coming from a man that has 4 kids with 3 you hear me 3 different babies mamas! Yea thats what I want to be one of the many! Yea I am running over right now to get some of that super sperm right now! Ok Ok I know none of this sounds good, but it has to be said. Stop thinking me! Stop making your choices about your relationship through me, cuz I don't care what yall do. For real. I want someone in my life that I can trust. Not someone that likes to have sex with alot of women. Come on sweetie, don't give all blondes a bad rep. (no offense to blondes at all. ) You really need to get up and get a real job, find some hobbies that are your own and try being a real woman with some kinda confidence about yourself. Just cuz you always look like a hot mess you really dont have to be a hot mess! On the real, I am only being honest. See you have never talked me and you honestly don't even know me. I am not the one to play games with you. That is just alittle CRAZY!! Use your brains and do what is right for you and your daughter. Thats who I think about. Thats why I get up everyday and work on tail off to provide a good life for them. Be a mother,not just the word become the meaning of the word. And if you don't know what it is then look it up. But leave me alone!"

Geez I am done. Thanks for letting me vent. I really needed that.


EMizzle said...
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EMizzle said...

You forgot GROW THE HELL UP, but other than that, good lord girl! Not so general thoughts LOL But getting it off your chest is all good to me dawg. I know others who were in a similar this situation and I know it doesn't work AT ALL! But people will just have to learn the hard way, and its gonna be big.

Raven said...

Girl, thanks. I have been holding this in forever and I just want to go on with my life and it just won't go away. I don't understand why she is stalking me though. Whatever I have said what I wanted and now it is truly done. But I am going to hartford!!! hahaaa