Thursday, May 18, 2006

Remembering..(Poetry Korner)

Each passing day is just like another
all blending in with eachother.
But on these specail days I remember.
I remember my pain
My family under so much strain,so much to handle I feel like I suddenly went insane.
I remember I was lost in my worst fear.
I remember wishing and wanting my parents to be here.
But I can remember thier smiles
and the laughs we had once in awhile.
I knew that I loved you both,the same but different from one another.
On this day and everyday I will remember them.
Feel the love that they do send, from heaven above.
I love and miss my father and my mother.
Rest in peace.

This poem still brings tears to my eyes. I wrote so about pain that when I lost my parents I couldn't write. My mind was so full that the words could not be written down. They just rumbled around in my head and finally in sleep(no lie) I jotted some words on down and this was just one of the poems that I finally have enough strength to write.


Kelley said...

That poem touched my heart! I miss daddy so much too. Its wierd to miss him in a way that I felt like I was always around him. Like I had seen him on a daily basis. I guess its just because I know I cant now. I know he is looking at us and smiling because we are sharing our pain with each other. We are becoming closer and realizing all that we have in common.
I cant imagine how you feel because of losing your mom as well. My heart is with you.
Love ya

EMizzle said...

Well I am so glad this could come out of your heart and maybe start to heal it a bit.

Raven said...

Thanx you guys. It took some time but I am glad it did. I have others but I am not ready to write those yet. Stay tuned though.