Friday, June 02, 2006

Society (poetry korner)

Society is filled with anxieties of trying to accomplish unreal realities
to save ourselves from day to day slavery,not just for one,but you and me
Some think it is gone,others say they are wrong.
Each day I work I come to know that people see the color of my skin then they think they know which box to put me in.
I see my people,brown, red and black
making up for past mistakes and the things that they lack
Day by day I see no change
Just that justice has been rearranged
Stolen land,stolen people
crushed pride and years of unheard cries
Society circles round and round
So keep your feet planted on the ground
Keep your dreams and expression free
And never no never fear the anxiety of the reality on this crazy messed up thing we call our "Society!"


Kelley said...

I really like this too. I love the part where it says they see the color of my skin and think they know which box to put me in. Good job.

Raven said...

thanx, I just had to write it down how I felt at work last night