Monday, June 05, 2006

A message to my daughter (poetry korner)

This is a poem I wrote for my daughter. She is now 13 and I still remember when she was smaller. She has no idea how she only saved my life. When I stare into her eyes I see such a golden light inside of her. She is my beautiful bright star.

A message to my daughter

So much love to give
So much time to share.
You will never to totally aware.
You are my shining Bright Star
With those big dancing brown eyes and beautiful smile.
Come and sit on my lap at least for alittle while
Soon you'll be grown
And going out into the world on your own
Just remember how much I love you
How much I care
Remember that my love, my spirit
Will be with you everywhere


Susan Abraham said...

Hello Cherokee woman...this is a beautiful little keepsake for your daughter. And you look way too young to be a mum to a teen. Who'd think?
lots of love

Raven said...

Osiyo. It is funny because I get carded on my job all the time. The eldery folks I for think I am about 18 and when I tell them I have 3 kids that dont believe me at all. Funny. I hope that my daughter will appreicate this poem when she gets older.

Kelley said...

Beautiful peom. My niece will treasure that one day.

Raven said...

I hope so,Kel

Susan Abraham said...

There you see, Raven, and all I had to do was look at your photo.
The best kind of beauty & youth comes from the inside, doesn't it.

Raven said...

Yes, Susan it does. Love is the strongest weapon we have it is a shame no one knows how to use it.