Friday, June 02, 2006

Thoughts of you(poetry korner)

Hey so here I am again giving yall alittle taste of something new.

Thoughts of You.

Thoughts of you and what you can make me do
flow across my mind
I feel your hands under my dress
caressing my skin and whispering in earnest.

Feverishly hot
afraid to breath
wanting,no needing for you to please me.

Lay me down with erotic thunder,teasing me with your tongue, I explode more times then one cares to wonder.
As you slowly slip inside my tight well
I feel your hardness begin to swell
harder,faster,Don't stop,I yell!
Sweat dripping from us like if we were in the bowels of hell.

I feel you now releasing your seed,sending constant shudders throughtout me
Panting,squeezing,holding you tight.
I realize I am dreaming,I'm all wet with delight.
Thoughts of you course through my brain while the horniness drives me insane.

Ravish me now, I beg of thee.
Damn I am dreaming again of what it's like having you inside me.

Omg I can't believe I wrote that. Omg. wow ok


Kelley said...

OMG is right. But OMG I love it! That is phenominal. So very sexy and passionate. Great job, Raven. You have a talent for this type of writing as well! You know, I am so afraid for my mom to read my book when I finish it! People who dont read romances, sometimes dont understand. Its like you are talking about some horrible act insead of making love. Something we all do. Human nature. I dont understand it. Anyway, keep up all the writing.

Raven said...

Thank you, Kelley. But you know I need to get used to writing this way. Today was a creative day. I couldn't stop writing at all. And so many different styles came out. I am glad that you like this,I was thinking that I was going to have you write a nice hot love making for my book but I think I might be able to do it. Then again I might want you to do it. hahaaa
Love ya..

EMizzle said...

that's hot

Raven said...

thanx woman

Raven said...

wow I just re read this and I can't believe I wrote it!