Saturday, June 10, 2006

Her or Me? (poetry korner)

She likes him and him and maybe him too.
I wonder if I were a man if she'd like me too.
A man can only see the outside shell,even though she may seem happy she might put him through hell.
But I want none of thay. I want just love as a matter of fact.
Why can't I be loved for who I am?
Why must I play games,it's a sham.
to find some one who can stare into my soul who isn't afraid of achieiving our goals.
For him to see beyond her and into me really deserves my loyality.
So this is me,open for all to see tell me now is it Her or Me.


Kelley said...

Another good poem :)
Men have a hard time being grown ups and making adult decisions. They dont look into the future like women do, they live in the now.

Raven said...

Preach on girlfriend. I just can not stand when a woman has a good but can not keep her eyes on the prize! Men I can not even get into them

Susan Abraham said...

Hi Raven, I see this as a great short ballad because this poem is so direct in its approach which reivents your own style. You know, if you wrote a story of say, characters like pirates or inns, smugglers or country folk...with their parties and their square dances (with lots of guffaws, laughter and loud noises etc) ...this would be a perfect folk rhyme with a bit of a sing-song and a beer in hand, to throw in, when you describe a character or plot's entertainment scene.
That's how I see it, personally.
All lovely and so promising!

Susan Abraham said...

Hi Raven, here's to missing you.