Monday, June 05, 2006

Divorcing the Man (poetry korner)

Let me say that I wrote this when I knew that my marriage was over. I know that many of you are in loving marriages and I am happy for all of you,but there are some of us who get caught up in something that changes us forever. This is one of the many poems published by and I wanted to share it with all of you.

Divorcing the man

As I sit waiting for the rain
I try not to think of how your driving me insane.
You think your smarter than me?
Why can't you just let things be?
You always want to have your way.
Sooner than later will come the day that I tell you to just go away!
You listen to only your mother like she is God or someone other than who she is.
You were supposed to be my man,my husband
I see marrying you as judgement for my sins
Now in this battle you can not win!
My soul is mine and mine alone.
As of late your true colors you have shown.
I remember once you asked me for my hand
Now I can not wait to be
Divorcing the man.


Susan Abraham said...

Dear I know where all that tough poetry came from. And I believe in life, you won't tolerate nonsense from anyone either. love

Raven said...

I have been through so much in my pain that when I write it makes everything in my life seem better.Like I was supposed to go through that so I can write it down and share my experiences with other people.
I hope you are riht. I try not to take crap from others but being an empath makes it hard to get close to people.

Kelley said...

I'm sorry you have gone through so much. But it made you the strong woman you are!

Raven said...

I really appreciate that. I hope to one day be in a happy relationship.