Sunday, June 25, 2006

Wondering what the hell is going on

Ya know ok I am divorced and I am very happy about that. I have to let my x see the boys but there are more times when they come home with bruises. Yes, I have 2 boys and they are rough but they are also 5,3 and raised primarly by a sensitive,open mined woman(me). Ever since my divorce my x is 10 times more interested in me than when we were married.

I wont get into the reasons why we are not together but lets just say I dont trust this asshole as far as I can spit and I am a lady so I dont spit. ya mean??
Ok he has been calling me trying to get me to sleep with him.

Horny bastard!

I dont wanna sleep with him. Screw that. So last night he called for the second time and said very calmly that my youngest son had fallen and cut himself and he didnt know if he needed stitches. I race over there and see this huge gash over my sons eye. Hell yea he needs stitches, what was he BLIND.
The whole thing all he wanted was to get my friend to leave so he could take me home and get me to sleep with him. My son was hurt!! Our son.
Where is his fuckin brains!
In his DICK
omfg I can not believe him or this whole situation. I told the courts when we were splitting up he wasnt watching them. Nothing was done! I dont know. I just dont know!!


EMizzle said...

I don't get it, wtf

Raven said...

me either. it pisses me off though

Sam said...

Well, I hate to say it, but it sounds just like a man. Somedays I'm ashamed to be one of them (but I like the guy-girl thing too much to change now lol).
I like the poems, and as far as writing erotic poetry, keep going, you seem to know what you're doing :-)

Susan Abraham said...

Dearest Raven,
Just keep calm and think of beautiful things etched in the summer light like the shiny gossamer threads of your sparkling prose.
You need time and healing and for now, just take things one step at a time. Get some time out even if it's a mini therapeutic session where you can work things out logically, know what you want to do and make steps again to sort out every angle that is bothering you.
For instance, find out again about the family courts; slowly but surely and step by step.
Kids fall all the's part of growing up. This time your son got a little more unlucky but at least you were there to help him. But I understand what you're saying that he got a bit careless in watching them and you protective maternal instinct is now crying justice.
Someone as beautiful as you will find real love again if you haven't already, just give it time.
Don't despair and keep that smile going, my friend.
lots of love and a big hug from me

Kelley said...

Is my nephew ok? I hate it when they get sick. My hubby was freaked out when Mckenzie got hurt. That tells me something if he was just thinking about getting some. Jerk!

Raven said...

Thank you Sam. I too like the guy on girl thing too much to change sides but sometimes I think about it. hahaa


What can I say to such a dear friend. Your words have and will always touch my heart.


AJ is doing just fine. He got extra mommy loving and he is back to his fun loving self. Thanx for asking.Kisses for all.