Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Vampire's Embrace excerpt.....

This room is huge. The cathedral ceiling was perfectly balanced between four ceiling to floor pillars. The pillars were made from some kind of stone. In the back of the room, two figures sat incased in a wavy translucent light. Kia walked towards them she heard creatures in the darkness scattering around her.
“Just keep your mind clear and stare straight at them. Don’t worry about the darkness.” Tristan whispered a warning to her. Kia exhaled slowly and focused her sight on the light, once they got close, a booming voice said,
“STOP!” Instantly, they both stopped.
“What is this, Tristan?” said the voice again. Kia wished that the voice wasn’t so loud, her ears were ringing as she concentrated on the creatures scattered in the void of darkness.
“She’s the hybrid of the prophecy.” Tristan said clearly.
“Oh, really?” another voice sounded in the distance.
“Yes.” Tristan replied
“Has it stared yet?” the more male sounding voice of the two said.
“Yes.” Tristan answered.
“Good.” Said the voices in unison.
It has stared, that is good. Now we must change her .We must change her. She must be a part of all; we must drain her, but slowly, to feast on her very tasty flesh. The damn Lycans have scarred her, but no matter she will taste good nonetheless .We must have it, it must be ours.
Holy shit, are they talking about eating my flesh?
No one is draining me! I gotta get the hell outta here
Quickly scanning her surroundings, she tried to work out plan of escape. Tristan saw her glancing around and knew that she was again tense. What the hell is she doing now? She worries too damn much
“Tristan, you have done a wonderful job. You may leave us now.”
Tristan smiled at Kia as if saying good-bye, but there was something in her eyes, screaming at him. As Tristan walked towards the door with a heavy feeling in his chest, he heard her voice screaming in his head,
They are going to FUCKING eat me!
As Tristan’s hand slowly turned the knob, he bowed his head contemplating his very destiny. He reached into his coat pulled out his Glock, and flipped off the safety lock.
“Get down!” he yelled moving swiftly towards her.

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