Saturday, August 18, 2007

Happy Saturday!!!!

How how wonderful it is to be Saturday. The birds are singing, the weather is cooling and I have a quiet house! LOL At least for a few hours. I have uploaded a poem called Save Yourself check it out. I will try to do so at least once a week for all my poetry buffs out there! As for my writing updat well I am currently working on a contemporary romance that I am hoping will be done today so I can start on a antho from Red Rose entitled Taken by a Sheihk. Each story will feature a romanctia/erotica theme about capture and a sheihk. Stay tuned for special sneek peak of that story coming soon. Fan-tasy is well in the works and Im waiting now for the edits to begin..lovely..lovely. No matter what I am plugging away bringing the poetry and mind swept romance that I can. Stay connected, stay posted and come back. Raven Starr

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