Sunday, August 19, 2007

Fan-tasy Excerpt..Enjoy

A tingle of excitement ran down her spine. Star slipped in the cab and closed the door. The cab drove down the street only to blend in with all the other traffic.
Closer and closer the cab drove Star to her final destination. Her destiny. Her stomach churned and hummed with a sensation she hasn’t felt in a long time. Butterflies. I need a damn drink, she thought. Maybe she was obsessed, maybe these were delusions of crazed woman, the beginning of a new stalker.
“Just relax. What ever happens tonight happens.”
“We go home and live again tomorrow, yeah?” Kaylee joked.
“Yea you’re right. I need to relax. I need a drink.”
Just then the cab pulled up in front of the venue. Loud music filtered out onto the crowded street.
“Here ya go.” Star flashed a smile while she pulled out a ten dollar bill and handed it to the cabbie. “Keep it,” she smiled getting out of the cab.
“Thanks and have a good night,” the cabbie yelled back.


Anonymous said...

sounds good

Raven Starr said...

Thanks, Terra.
Happy Sunday!