Friday, January 11, 2008

New Interview with Cassie

1.)With the countless number of interview questions let’s try something different. Tell us something about yourself that hasn’t been previously stated. I was very close to becoming a wedding photographer, but I got hired at the newspaper.

2.)How long have you been writing? It seems like forever, but it's actually been since was I was in grade school. I used to fill up the tablets the school gave us with my stories. Wished I'd kept them.

3.)What drives you as a writer? Those voices in my head. LOL Seriously though, it's sort of like hearing voices in my head. Different things — songs, movies, real incidents — happen and I want to write a story, putting my own spin on it, of course.

4.)Give us your plans for this New Year. Get my name out there more and more. Myspace is wonderful but I need more exposure. Interact more with other authors. I tend to hold back. Write different types of stories — longer stories. I'm a short story writer so length is my top goal. Learn to promote better. Have a topnotch website. I'm always tweaking and tweaking, but I'm willing to learn new things.

5.)Give us your pick for sexiest man of the year. Orlando Bloom.

6.)If you and he were single if given 24 hours what would you do? Well have lots and lots of sex in every position imaginable. Then we'd talk and have more sex. Walk under the stars and have more sex. Then I'd read some of my stories to him and have sex.

7.)What genre do you write and what genre would you love to try? Contemporary – usually romance. I want to blend sex with mystery. And I want to write a time travel story.

8.)What is your biggest pet peeve? Stupid people.

9.)Since the beginning of the New Year what goal (short or long term) do you have planned? Submit more stories. I've got them written but won't let go.

10.)What are you working on now? Several things. Putting the finishing touch on Confessions of a Murderer and going back to my work in progress stories and thinning those out. I reread some of them last night and they're good, but stopped for whatever reason. A friend and I have been discussing doing our own anthology. So we'll see.

11.)What do you have out? Tree of Buried Secrets at Dark Eden Press.

12.)Beer or wine? wine

13.)Sinful indulgence? Dill pickles. I'd put pickles on everything if I could.

Well, I thank you so much for taking the time to answer these questions. I leave the floor to you. Tell us if your making any appearances, book singing, chats, etc. My only appearances will only be online at chats or yahoo groups. Thank you for your time, Raven. You've been a lovely interviewer.

Thank you again and have a brilliant New Year.

Raven Starr

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