Thursday, September 07, 2006

Ok This might be it!

Alright just like in the last post. I did tweak my story last night and resubmitted it. I just got another email back and she said and I quote, " Wow Raven. I will be in touch, dear writer." Did she just call me a writer?! Are you serious. I am so happy that I cant even stand it! I don't want to get overly excited and then be let down,but I have a big smile on my face and honestly it feels good. I am proud of myself and proud of my work. I just had to tell someone!! WoooHooo


Kelley said...

You should be proud of yourself!!! I'll have my fingers crossed. I'm so proud of you! Let me know the second you hear.

Raven said...

Thank you so much!
I will.
Good luck tomorrow. I am going to try to be there.

RomanceWriter said...

Yay! I'm smiling for you here in Indiana! This is great news.