Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I'm Dancing...

I just received another contract for a story called The Perfect Match. Yippee!!
Happy happy happy!
Here's a quick blurb:

The Perfect Match

By Raven Starr

Interracial Romance

Kiora Webb is a typical Pisces woman. Independent, creative, and romantic, but she just couldn’t meet the right guy. Kiora worked at a Caper’s New and Used was the perfect place for her to hide. For an early birthday present her friends treat her to a girl’s night out to Club Fusion where she meets slick talking Donovan Black. From his self-assured stance to his lame, run-down pick up lines, she dismisses him swiftly. Within days of their meeting small gifts begin to appear, each bringing them closer. Is this her perfect match or something else?

Donovan Black has never been turned down before and when beautiful Kiora Webb doesn’t fall head over heels for him, he’s crushed. Taking his failure as a game Donovan’s buddies persuade him into thinking, he could never have a decent woman like her. Donovan set out to prove them wrong. But what started out as a ploy turns into something that not neither one of them could foresee.

The Perfect Match

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