Saturday, January 13, 2007

Stepping on the woman..(Poetry Korner)

Stepping on the woman
People think that the woman inside is hiding
That she only exist within them
They see what they want and ignore the rest
Strength is what is needed when dealing with a woman like me
I don’t play games and everything is not a sexual fantasy
I need a man in my life that doesn’t just say ‘hey man she will make a good wife’
Cuz been there and done that fuck that!
I wont go back
I am better that that, better than you and once this is over you can join the rest of the crew.
I have dreams and goals and just to let you know
I have a heart of gold but it does get cold when I am in a place I don’t need to be
Understanding goes a long way too bad not a lot of people can understand me.
Stepping on the woman is not goin well
You can not step on me without treading through hell
For I am human and I know what I like, Im running empty on men maybe I should date a dike. Hahahha laughter is good and this poem is better
I needed to get this out, your lucky its not a letter. It would long and over drawn but the same would be said
Don’t fucking steppin on me cuz when I hurt your feelings you’ll wish you were dead!
Don’t like the way I dance I never wanted to go out. Don’t like to get pissed or to scream or shout. Just wanted to see what you were all about. I am glad I know and believe your true soul shows.
Strength is what I need for I have dreams and goals. Don’t want someone that will hang on my folds. I don’t need a boy in my life someone I have to scold. Accept me for who I am, for who I will always be. And if you don’t like that then you don’t like me.
I am a woman, strong, black and not ghetto. I like sneakers and jeans not them stupid stilettos! I am a woman with a heart, but don’t piss me off cuz I can dismiss you like a stank ass fart!


Saoirse Redgrave said...

Some of your couplets are pretty cool here.

Take care!

Raven Starr said...

Thank you. I wrote this when I lost sight of my path and let other people control my choices.
Thanks for reading...
Raven Starr