Thursday, January 11, 2007

Cry of the Empath (Poetry Korner)

lonely and ashamed
playing the same ole game
feeling the pressure of being unwanted
visions in my brain and always being haunted
fleeting feelings of happiness
growing out of feathery earthen nests of
dreary sadness sinking upon me
can not swim no longer have the will
heart that beats the sounds of defeat but my eyes still seek a vision that is unclear
year after year of giving of myself
is it worth it but I have no one else
plodding thru this life of mine
wondering when it is going to be my time
will it come or will I still have this feeling of being unwanted
constantly haunted by the demons in my head
visions of Christmas angels that I know are dead
happiness is something out of reach
since I can not feel it maybe I am just to teach
That shit is unfair for I have feelings too
Where is my hero? My rock? What am I to do?
Standing tall for everyone else but me
falling apart so endlessly
Strength is my weakness sensitivity my crutch
maybe I care alittle too much
I take pain from others who can not bear it. They give it over to me so willingly. But it is killing me,why cant they see.
I hate feeling this way the pain in my heart never truly goes away
music in my ears drowning out my eternal fears
wanted to be left alone but not really
Deserted by my family and even friends
but I am to smile until the end
shouting inside for my soul is torn
a light of happiness can be reborn
but the empath feels the weight of the world
A world not of my choosing a world full of pain
The cry of the empath
is the cry of the insane.


RomanceWriter said...

The last line is really powerful!

Raven said...

Thanks so much...

Saoirse Redgrave said...

This is really good, Raven. Your expression of emotion is keen and powerful without falling into rage or something that defies sharp words.

Good stuff,

Raven Starr said...

Thank you. I truly love this piece. I wrote in my sleep. It is just a fraction of who I am inside, I guess.
Thanks for reading it though. I enjoy hearing your comments.
Take Care,