Tuesday, January 17, 2017

RED HOT!!! Snippet from Twisted by Raven Starr.. Racy and HOT HOT HOT.. You have been WARNED..

“Damn it,” she squealed, reeling back ripping out the invader in the meaty part of her hand. Blood gushed down her fingertips coating her digits in a warm crimson blanket.
Krista stared at the broach brooch, tenderly she picked it up to read the inscription. To Mara, you’re the daughter I never had. All the best wishes, my shining star. Love always, Aunt Mary.
 Hypnotized by the words, she read them again and again then in a fit of rage she threw the broach brooch against the wall. It broke into pieces. Krista’s breathe became haggard, she strode over to the remains of the jewelry and stared at it in an almost grieving way. Several moments passed before Krista bent to pick up the pieces and tossed them into the trash can.
Back in front of the mirror, Krista looked down at her bloody hand to watch the claret.
Absently blinded by the growing void within her, she wiped two single lines of blood down her face. A sinister grin pulled her face in an odd way. With every pulse of her heart it pumped the gore from her wound.  Liberating, isn’t it?  
Krista noticed a slight tingle caressing the tip of her nub like invisible fingers. She shivered as she slipped her bloody hand into her lacy gray panties to touch herself enjoying the spread of the warm warm sensation filling her. She gyrated her waist against as unembarrassed moans floated through the room as she reached climax. Breathless her eyes locked on her own reflection as she nibbled on her bottom lip.
Krista shook her head then yanked her hand from her underwear and stepped back in horror. “What the hell am I doing?”
Was it good for you?  A loud perverse laughter filled her head. Krista covered her ears. “Stop it. Stop it. Stop it.”
Krista stripped off her panties, turned from the mirror and ran to the bathroom to shower. She watched the red tinted water wash away and swirl down the drain.
Just relax and listen to me.
 “I’m fuckin crazy.” Krista closed her eyes trying to shut off the annoying voice in her head. “Am I losing my mind?”
Maybe your just now coming to terms with exactly who you are. Have you ever considered that?
Krista turned off the shower and went to bed without drying her wet skin. “I’m not crazy. I’m not crazy. I’m not crazy,” she chanted.
Are you done?
“What?” Krista lifted her head to glance around the room. She was alone. “Oh shit, I am crazy, huh?”
Who said you’re crazy? I never said that, did I?
“Well no, but I figure if I’m hearing voices and talking to myself it kinda qualifies.”
So, what if you are? I think it’s a good thing. Plus, it’s not just some regular voice in your head, it’s your voice, so technically I’m your conscience and you’re not crazy or you can admit you’re a little tapped and we can start the game.
Krista shook her head. “Game? What game?”
The killing game, of course. It’s a fun game and I’ve been waiting to play. Let’s play, okay? You and me. Me and you.
“A game.” Krista whispered. “I like games.”
“I like them too. You wanna play this game?
“Let’s play.”
Good, now turn off the light and go back to sleep. We have so many plans to make.
Krista obeyed the voice by turning off the light then pulled the blanket up on her chest. “What are the rules?”
Who said anything about rules. Go to sleep.
“Okay.”  Krista blinked several times then held up her once shaking hands, even in the darkness of her room she saw how steady her hands were. “Strong hands.”

Steady hands.

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