Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Plots, Characters and storylines oh my...

I've interviewed a lot of authors on my blogtalk about how a story comes about. Most can hear the voices of the characters crying out for their stories to be told. I know I keep a pen and paper by my bed at all times for those moments. Do you write what you know or branch out, research and write something new? I love doing both. While writing my young adult series I have started to outline. I have never really been an outliner. I just write, then read, edit and write some more. Some plots have sub-plots that need to run underneath the surface to keep secondary characters going. How do you keep your name fresh while closing yourself off to write? Promotion is one part of the game I am not the best at. I must say I love writing. I love creating worlds and falling in love with the characters.

Writing the young adult has taught me to research more and use more outlines so I can keep all the information together. I have to say it's different then writing adult fiction. I love both genres, but with adult stories I find there is a limit. Do you use an outline? Writing in so many different genres I muster up all the different plots and stories. I have notebooks full. So, what's been new with me lately? I was a writing, querying machine but an unexpected hospital stay has slowed me down. I'm still going to school for my BA in English and I have to say its a lot of fun. It's hard work, but fun. I haven't gotten to the math portion either...lol.

I've been thinking a lot about new ways to promote myself and besides interviews with other authors what else can I do? I'm going to join the RWA asap. I feel like if I were apart of this organization maybe I can further my writing career. I'm always up for ideas so if you have some let me know. I signed a new contract with Damnation Books for a new story called Half Ghost.

This is a tale about love and demons. I really enjoyed writing this one. It's slated for a September release. I love the cover on this book. Oh I have good news about Tainted Blood. The cover is going to be redone and it will be re released very soon. I'm very happy about that. Don't forget about the blogtalk show one world one voice. I'm off to explore the world. Kisses to all <3

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