Saturday, March 26, 2011

Wet Your Whistle on This! To Start Again by Raven Starr

Madison began opening up several paints and applying them to her palette.
“So are you sure you like it?” Aidan asked again.
“I’m very sure. Get comfy I want to capture your essence.”
 “Shirt on or off?” Aidan smiled as he walked past her.
“Unbuttoned halfway…showing a little skin, but leaving something hidden. Yum.” She licked her lips as she slowly slipped the buttons from their loops.
“I got your yum right here.” Aidan whispered back.  
“Yes, you do,” she winked.  “That’s the essence I want to capture.  Now relax and let me work my magic. 
“That’s perfect. Just relax.” Having spent many days looking at Aidan and many nights dreaming about him, Madison didn’t have to look at Aidan that much during the entire painting process.  Madison looked because she wanted to. Looking at his tanned skin sent shivers through her. Remembering the kisses they’d just shared, she couldn’t help but long for him.  A tingling started at the tip of her nub and spread warmth throughout her entire body.  
Just as she knew his body she knew his soul and wanted it to shown through on the canvas…just as it shown through on him. With everything happening around her, Aidan was the only stable thing she had to count on.  And it felt good to do so.
She’d been painting for a while when Aidan’s sweet baritone voice pulled her from her task.  Madison.”
 “Everything alright?” she asked.
Aidan twitched his nose. “I have an itch. I can either move or you could do the honors.”
Madison set down her brush and walked over to him. “Where?”
“There is a spot right under my bottom lip. I don’t want to move, would you please?”
She scratched the side of his lip. “Here?” She asked.
“Lower,” he groaned.
She let her fingers ran down the middle of his chest.
“Oh yeah, that’s the spot.”
 “I think I got a little paint on you.”
 “It doesn’t matter,” Aidan said as he pulled her down onto his lap and kissed her lips. “You are what matters to me.”
Madison pulled him closer and kissed his mouth. “Aidan,” she whispered. Aidan scooped her up as if she weighed nothing and made his way to his bedroom.  Gently, he laid her on the bed before standing back and looking at her. Aidan didn’t just look at her; he stared in the depth of her of soul.  And then he smiled. When he opened his mouth to speak Madison sat up and placed her slender index finger against his lips.
“The only thing I want to hear you say is my name as you’re making love to me,” she said as she pulled him down for a kiss. They fell back on the bed together, their lips busy exploring each other, their bodies locked in a passionate embrace.
They undressed each other between their passionate kisses.  Aidan only paused long enough for them to catch a single breath before he moved his lips to her neck.  Wow. She moaned lightly when Aidan slid his fingers between her breasts.
“Your skin is as soft as I imagined. Now that I’m touching it I’m pretty sure I won’t ever get tired of doing so,” he said.  Cupping a breast in his hand, he bent to lick her nipple. “Beautiful,” he whispered before moving to the other.
Reveling in the attention Aidan paid her body, Madison did her own exploring.  She ran her hands over him enjoying the feel of the muscles in his back and the fullness of his ass.
 “Nice body,” she said as she gave his ass a squeeze.
Aidan looked up with a sly smile. “Wait until you see what it can do.” He pulled away and kissed his way up her thighs. Opening her legs with his forearms, he bent and licked her clit.

I know with every book I write I say I love it, but this one is from my heart. I wrote it when I was grieving over the death of my parents(grab a tissue) so it has some very emotional undertones as well as some romance in it.
I just had a birthday last week and I'm really thinking it's been awhile since I've had a contest. This is is going to be really easy.

By now most of you know I host a blogtalk radio show on Saturday nights at 6pm est. (You paying attention?) On my show tonight and a special show on Next Sunday( the 3rd of April. That means two chances to WIN) I'm going to say the Special Word. You have to write the special word and email it to along with the special guest for that evenings show. Sounds easy, right? Good. So listen to the show tonight and write down my guest's name and the special word and email me at

The Winner will be announced on Saturday April 9th 2011 on my show and on Facbook plus I'll email them personally. The prize you ask? A ten dollar gift card. And a signed postcard of my latest book To Start Again.
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Good Luck to All...


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