Saturday, August 21, 2010

Torn is out now!!

Hey Hey everyone I have some awesome news. I'm back!!
I have finally had a release. Torn by Raven Starr is out from Red Rose Publishing.

Check out the blurb and an excerpt:

Everybody falls in love and everyone gets hurt. Alyssa Kendall is no different. But what would you do if the love of your life was being held captive by a psychopath?

How far would you go?

Alyssa finds out just how far she’ll go for love, revenge and peace of mind. She’s not Torn between two men, but between the two halves of herself.

Which half will win? Find out in Torn.


Alyssa walked to a dusty box and picked up a rusty bolt cutter. “I found this back there.” She jerked her head toward the direction of the back. “I wanna you start cutting his fingers off. He’ll talk after two of his digits are on the floor.”

Disaster took the bolt cutter away from her. “And if he doesn’t talk then what?”

Alyssa turned to stare at Morris, his eyes locked on the deadly weapon. “Well, if he doesn’t talk I’m sure I think of other objects on his body that could be cut off.”

Alyssa walked past Disaster and sat up on one of the boxes to get a front row seat to the finger fest waiting to begin.

“You heard her, boys, cut his damn fingers off.”

Morris fidgeted the best he could being tied to a chair. G-Dog got the celebratory honor of being the cut-master. She watched as he steadied himself, positioned the teeth of the bolt cutter just above the first knuckle of his index finger.

“You’ll never be able to kill another kid in this neighborhood after this.” He joked.

He clamped down a blood curding scream rang through the warehouse. Alyssa never blinked, she watched patiently as Morris’ fingers dropped to the floor. It didn’t take long before Morris was more than willing to give up Trevor’s cell phone number, secret location and his social security number as long as they stopped cutting his fingers off. Morris’ shirt was soaked with sweat and blood.

She turned to stare at Disaster. “Here take this.” She pulled out a bankroll of cash. Half now as promised, you’ll get the rest when the job is done.”

Disaster pocketed the money and winked. “Go do your thing.”

“Back off of him for a minute,” Alyssa called from her perch.

“Damn, man I was just having fun.” G-Dog kicked Morris, stepping back.

She licked her lips, hopped off the box and went to Morris’ side. Again, she took out her cell phone then held it out to him.

“Oh, yeah you don’t have the fingers to dial the number, allow me.” Morris shivered. She assumed it was from the loss of blood.

“Any day now, Morris. I have all night, but somehow I don’t think you’re gonna make it.”

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