Monday, September 28, 2009

Tainted Blood is out and now The Perfect Match is next.

Hey guys Tainted Blood came out on the 17th of September and now The Perfect Match is coming out on the 1st of October. Here's an excerpt:“Fuck!” He flipped over the long, wooden-planked coffee table.
“Donovan!” Demitri grabbed his shoulders. “Calm down. Don’t lose control.”
Donovan shrugged away from Demitri’s embrace and stormed outside to cool off.
“You alright, man?” Demitri asked, holding out his hand to help Kevin stand.
Kevin shoved Demitri’s hand away, stood up and followed Donovan outside.
“Oh damn,” Demitri shook his head and chased after Kevin.
“Yo!” Kevin called. He stalked towards Donovan.
“Don’t fuck with me right now, Kevin, alright?” Donovan’s icy tone sent shivers through Demitri.
“Guys, let’s not do this.” Demitri positioned himself in between the two males.
“Naw,” Donovan tossed away his lit cigarette, cracked his neck and stood his ground. “If he wants to roll, we can do that. I have no problems breaking him down now, anyway.”
“Think you’re a bad ass now, Dono? Got to taste some chocolate ass and now you think you’re Don Quan?”
Donovan pointed at Kevin. “Don’t you dare disrespect her again, Kevin, you don’t even know her. I’m trying real hard to keep myself from knocking you off the damned pedestal you think you’re on. Last warning, call her a name again, we ain’t brothers, we ain’t boys and we ain’t friends. I will knock you on your ass and there’s nothing my brother can do to stop me.” He glared at Kevin.
“That’s how it is, bro?” Kevin sidestepped Demitri. “We’ve been through a lot and you’re gonna let some whore…”
As soon as the words left Kevin’s mouth, Donovan’s punch knocked Kevin in the slushy pool.
“I told you, Kevin!” Donovan yelled.
“Donovan!” Demitri fished a dripping and shivering Kevin from the pool.
“You alright?” Demitri asked, but it was no use. Kevin dashed after Donovan. Kevin dove for Donovan’s legs, knocking him to the ground. Kevin used his brute strength to pin Donovan’s chest to the ground while delivering a few quick jabs to his ribs.
With a quick burst of energy Donavan slugged Kevin on his left temple with his elbow point.
As Kevin swayed, Donovan threw Kevin off, then stood. Donavan’s dark blue jeans were caked with mud and wet from the melting ice and snow. His white turtle neck was ruined with rips and ground-in stains. He spat crimson drops on the ground. Donavan wiped the blood from his lip on the tip of his sleeve.
“I don’t wanna do this, Kevin. Enough. Take your ass-whippin’ like a man. Get the fuck out!” Donovan snarled. His blood felt as if molten lava flowed through his veins. His anger erupted like a volcano.
Donavan wanted Kevin so he could figure out how to get Kiora back. Tomorrow was her birthday and…
Donovan was so consumed by his thoughts, he’d blocked out his brother’s warning until he was too late. Kevin picked up a large rock and hurled in at Donovan. He felt the impact of the rock against his skull. It made a sickening cracking sound echoing in his sub-conscious. It was last he remembered before darkness engulfed him.
And special news I have received a new contract for my novel Torn!! Yay!! So stay tuned for that. And more good news I've finished my diamond in the ruff, Vampire's Embrace. I'll be pitching it next month. Wish me luck on that one.

Every Saturday night at 6pm I host a blogtalk radio show. One World One Voice Radio. Check me out there.

I've gotten lots of reader feedback on Thieves in the night so I'm now working on a sequel called The Bond of Blood.

I'm also working on my first ya under a new name( I'll tell ya later) but the title of the book is Hell High.

Busy busy. If you want to find me always check out Facebook. Add me on Facebook (Raven Starr) and on Twitter( Raven K Starr) Chat with ya then.
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Bobbi Brattz said...

My, what a great fight scene, Raven. I nearly felt the punches myself.

It's nice to see a man stand up for his gal.

I look forward to reading more.

Bobbi Brattz

Raven Starr said...

Thanks so much, Bobbi. After writing this scene I was sore. It was like I was fighting

I'll be posting more over this weekend. New stuff and sneak peeks as well.
Stay Tuned.

TK said...

Hey, Raven! I've cruised through your blog and writer's webpage--I like your style! (Working on a website, myself!)

I like finding fellow writers with the same interests! I also write interracial romances--nothing published as of yet, but I'm working on it! I've only been published in online horror/sci-fi mags and erotic poetry sites.

Keep writing! You inspire the aspiring writers hiding in the shadows! :D