Saturday, July 04, 2009

Happy 4th Folks

Hiya all. I've had the craziest week ever. I went to my family reunion which was great. But I started having a bad feeling. I always go with guts so I tried to get back home on Sunday. Let's just say I was scared I wasn't gonna make it.
After getting home by the skin of my teeth, I found out hours later my car had been broken into.
Yep, I was robbed. Now let me say I live in a good neighborhood. I've been here for almost 4 years. There have been times when we have forgotten to close and lock the door and we've gone to bed. Nothing like this ever happened before.

I don't even know folks in here town. I keep to myself. I'm a weird writer what can I say. So every other day I would wake up to find something wrong with my car.When I called the cops the first time I waited 36 hours for them to show up. I had to call the mayor in order to get some where.

Yep, you read right, 36 hours!!! Some service right. The next day I wake up and my tires( all 4) are slashed!!! OMFG!!
I don't know anyone but the people downstairs.
I call the police again, and wait for 5 hours for a cop to come and tell me there is nothing for him to do.

I always go with my gut. And my gut was telling me the person doing this lived close. Well after ranting bout moving and taking back my side of the garage, the folks stopped messing with my car.

But let's just say I was mentally wiped out from a week full of not very nice surprises. So don't be mad that I haven't been around. It's been a bit tedious.
I did finish two new books with RRP. One called Tainted Blood and the one is The Perfect Match. I'm working on the sequel to Tainted Blood called Echoes in the Dark. Can't wait.
Have a great day. Enjoy ur fireworks and most of all, be safe.

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