Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Updates and Newsletter

I've completed both of my goals. I promised myself
to have two new stories completed for upcoming anthologies through Red
Rose Publishing, both are due in September. With school right around
the corner, I wanted to have both stories done and submitted so I
could free write. So I'm proud to announce I've done just that. I
finished The Perfect Match- a contemporary interracial romance I think
it might be almost 30,000 words. yay!!
And I finished my other story Tainted Blood- a interracial
paranormal.(Which I had so much fun writing, I'm thinking of expanding
it into a series.) YAY!!

So, please everybody chat and chill here. I'll be posting polls and
asking random questions and such.

As of right now I have no real writing commitments so I'm going to try
to finish up a novella called Twin Souls and submit to a print
publisher. I've always wanted to see my books in print, so wish me
luck on that one. lol

I started a newsletter/yahoo group. Join me there for some chatty fun.

Hope to see ya there,
Raven Starr

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