Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Trust by Raven Starr~~~~ Poetic Korner

Eager to trust.
Quick not to know.
Can I do it?
Shall I try?
How can I trust you?
When before I almost died.
Trust takes time to regain.
Do you care I can't trust you?
Does it even matter?
Without trust our relationship will shatter.
written by Raven Starr.
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Anonymous said...

from Grandfather and Granmother...

Carried within the wings of an angel.... Our Love is nurtured til it reaches your heart...

We hear your cries little one... fear not the past for it does not exist anymore... the tears you cry are over past wounds that will not heal unless you choose to heal from them...

Not all circumstances of the past lie in wait to encompass you in tears again. Those days are gone once you open up to Love and see that not all are the same. We carry this voice to you on the wings of a Dove wishing for you to see our Love flies carefree without the restraints of "old ways" coming back to haunt you... The door is before you to knock and open it when you are ready.. We will be here with arms wide open....

Namaste... ; - )

Raven Starr said...

Thank you. I love to read your comments.
Wa-do my friend.
Raven Starr